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When is lactulose (food grade) better to eat

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The baby's intestines and stomach are relatively fragile compared to adults. When drinking some milk powder, it is prone to constipation. Of course, this is also related to the ingredients of formula milk powder. Formula milk powder is made from milk with various nutrients added to it. Some babies’ intestines and stomachs are not adapted to a certain type of milk powder. Come out, you can take lactulose (food grade) when the baby is constipated to improve the situation. When is lactulose (food grade) better?

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Every baby's physique is different. If you have constipation, you can try to replace the baby with other brands of milk powder. Inability to pass stool, in addition to the problem of weakened peristalsis, the stool may also be too dry and hard. The mother can stimulate the anus to cause the baby to feel the bowel movement. You can also use white sesame seeds to make your own sesame sugar, add a spoonful in the morning and evening to the supplementary food. If constipation cannot be improved by stimulating the anus, using lactulose (food grade) is more effective. Lactulose (food grade) can be used for babies under the guidance of a doctor to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Lactulose (food grade) is a synthetic, non-absorbable oral dosage form of disaccharides. After taking it, it is not absorbed in the intestines, but it has double The high osmotic activity of sugar can keep water and electrolytes in the intestinal tract and produce a hypertonic effect, thereby softening the feces and making it easier to discharge. Therefore, it is an osmotic laxative. It is suitable for intestinal wall without irritation. Baby's.
When is lactulose (food grade) better? It can be used when the baby is constipated, when hepatic coma or laxative effect. Lactulose (food grade) is transformed into lactic acid and acetic acid by bacteria in the colon. The feces disintegrate the intestinal bacteria to inhibit ammonia and prevent the intestines. The tract absorbs ammonia and reduces blood ammonia.