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Unusual sweetener-lactitol

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What is lactitol? Mankind’s preference for "sugar" is innate.

What is lactitol? Mankind’s preference for "sugar" is innate. It is not only an important basis for ensuring the functioning of the body, but also an important way to satisfy human spiritual pleasure. Therefore, sweets have become a favorite diet all over the world. As the proportion of sweets in the diet continues to rise, the health problems they bring are becoming increasingly obvious. Common diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are inseparable from the excessive intake of sugar. The status of sugar in recent years It has taken a turn for the worse, from the object of "desired by thousands of people" to the point of "mouse crossing the street, everyone shouting and beating". This change also highlights the importance people place on health.Reducing sugar intake has been put on the agenda of countries all over the world.
Since Hungary began to impose a 4% consumption tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, high-sugar foods and fruits with high sugar content in 2011, France, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and other countries have also begun to levy them." "Sugar tax", the British government has even put forward a sugar reduction goal. By 2020, the food industry will reduce the sugar intake of food by 20%.
In 2016, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency (MFDS) and 248 large supermarkets across the country jointly implemented the "Nutrition Label Confirmation Activity" so that consumers can confirm the sugar and salt content on the food packaging when choosing food.
n 2018, the Australian Federal Government supported the plan to reduce the sugar intake of soft drinks, and plans to reduce the sugar consumption in beverage products by 20% by 2025; my country’s National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030) released in 2017 clearly stated The action plan of "three reduction and three health" was proposed, and "sugar reduction" was listed as an important measure for national health.
Mellow flavor: The sweetness of lactitol is about 40% of that of sucrose. Its sweetness is relatively low, but its overall sweetness and health effects are positively correlated with the dosage. When its function is recognized, its sweetness will not Will not affect the quality of the product. In addition, when lactitol is used in combination with other sweeteners, it has the effect of correcting sweetness and masks the bad aftertaste of other sweeteners.
Multi-purpose: Lactitol has low hygroscopicity and is suitable for many low-moisture foods, and its stability is high. Due to the lack of carbonyl groups, Maillard reaction will not occur. It is very suitable for baked products with color requirements. At the same time, lactitol has a larger heat of dissolution, and will absorb more heat during the dissolution process, which can make people produce a refreshing sensation similar to mint, which is a very distinctive taste release substance. In the mixed system, lactitol also has the functions of emulsification, stabilization and thickening, and is one of the multi-purpose sweeteners.
In the general environment, the trend of sugar reduction has given lactitol more room for development, and its processing characteristics and functional characteristics are also not disappointing. In terms of policy, many countries have given lactitol a "green light", and its functionality can be more reflected. With the extension of its application range and time, its safety and functionality have been continuously verified, and its broader expansion is already on the way.