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Processing characteristics of Crystalline fructose

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As a new type of sugar source, Crystalline fructose is currently the sweetest natural and healthy sweetener. It has good processing properties and special metabolic characteristics, and will not cause rapid blood sugar fluctuations. In recent years, Crystalline fructose has been used in many countries to produce low-energy health foods, nutritional products, health products, infant foods, including health foods for special populations.

quality Crystalline fructose
Processing characteristics of Crystalline fructose
1. High sweetness and unique sweetness
Taste buds feel the sweetness of fructose faster than glucose and sucrose, and the peak of flavor release appears before glucose and sucrose, which will not obscure the natural fruit flavor release of Crystalline fructose, which can better reflect the fruit flavor and the sweetness disappears. Fast, can maintain the original flavor and taste of the food.
2. High solubility and good performance
The solubility of Crystalline fructose in water is higher than that of sucrose and glucose. It is suitable to be added to various foods, such as beverages and fermented foods, and the viscosity of the aqueous solution is relatively low, which is convenient for processing, storage and transportation.
3. Strong freezing point reduction ability
Crystalline fructose has a strong ability to lower the freezing point, can inhibit the formation of ice crystals in cold food and drink products, and improve the shelf life of cold food and drink products. It is suitable for frozen foods and can increase the sense of import (the relative value of fructose freezing point reduction is 1.9 times that of sucrose).
4. Good moisturizing performance
Crystalline fructose has strong moisture absorption and water retention under high relative humidity, and can be used as a water absorbing agent; after absorbing 6.0-12.0% of water, Crystalline fructose neither absorbs nor releases water , Can effectively prevent food dehydration and avoid starch aging.
5. Good fermentation
Fructose can be directly used by microorganisms, is an energy material for microbial fermentation, and has superior fermentation performance. In the production of bread and pastry production using yeast, since fructose is a simple sugar, it can be directly used by yeast, has a fast fermentation speed, can produce more gas, and the food is loose. It can also reduce the amount of yeast and improve the intestinal environment.
6. Strong permeability
The molecular weight of fructose is 180, and the osmotic pressure is about twice that of sucrose. This property is widely used in: canned foods, candied foods, jams, preserved fruits, pickles, pickles, and other foods. It can also be used in daily necessities such as toothpaste. Production and processing.
7. It has reducing and anti-oxidant properties
Fructose has reductive properties, while fructose has higher reducibility than glucose. It has poor stability under alkaline and heat conditions. It is easy to decompose and polymerize to form colored substances. It has a caramel aroma and increases the color of the syrup.
8. Synergistic effect
When Crystalline fructose is used together with other sugars or chemically synthesized sweeteners, it can increase the sweetness, maintain the softness of baked goods and reduce the viscosity of drinks.