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Application and advantages of Crystalline fructose in beverages

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The sweetness of Crystalline fructose is 1.2-1.8 times that of sucrose, which is the sweetest natural sugar in nature. Temperature and concentration have a great influence on the sweetness of fructose, and temperature has the most obvious influence. If the temperature is lowered, the sweetness will increase. The main characteristic of the sweetness of Crystalline fructose is that the sweetness of fructose is felt earlier than other sugars, and it disappears quickly. This feature of Crystalline fructose is suitable for use in beverages and other beverages.

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Crystalline fructose is easily converted to other less sweet isomers of furanose and causes a decrease in sweetness, but the decrease is smaller in a cold slightly acidic solution. Experiments have shown that using pure Crystalline fructose to sweeten orange-type beverages while containing a certain amount of sour agent at the same time, the product energy can be reduced by more than 50%. On the contrary, the effect of using Crystalline fructose in hot coffee is very poor, because fructose turns into furanose, and its sweetness can be reduced to the same as sucrose. Therefore, adding Crystalline fructose as a sweetener is very effective in acidic beverages sold at low temperatures.
Advantages in sports drinks
Crystalline fructose has high sweetness and low calorific value. When mixed with other sweeteners, it has the effect of intensifying the sweetness and at the same time enhancing the sweet flavor of the drink. Ingesting fructose before exercise does not cause hypoglycemia, but usually if you consume fast-absorbed carbohydrates after a long period of exercise, it will cause such hypoglycemia.
Crystalline fructose is also very easy to dissolve. As a simple sugar, its viscosity will not be too high, which will make sports drinks more delicious and delicious. Crystalline fructose also has a higher osmotic pressure, which means that compared with other carbohydrates, only a little fructose can be used in sports drinks to achieve isotonicity. And fructose has a higher sweetness-1.8 times the sweetness of sucrose and 2.5 times the sweetness of glucose, which can enrich the fruit flavor of beverages, which means that sports foods using fructose have a better taste.